Since I dont really have a place to put my self out there this will be a home for the pictures i like, thoughts and ideas as they will come along.

יום שבת, ינואר 14, 2006

haven't wrote here for a while but truly nobody read this so what the heck?!
I found a great thing that can crate a map of all the countries you've been at - its cool and its looks like I've been traveling for a while.

I just become a member of flickr and I must say the (I know this are old news but I must say that) that it a great place to see pictures and post your own..
BTW if any of you wanna C my pictures in flickr - just go here. (you can notice the flickr bar on the side bar of this post...

create your own visited countries map

I think I might start to be more active here - or not - especially since I found so many great pictures on flickr - so why not share it with the non existing ppl here?!

So be ready ppl.

Have a great day.