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יום ראשון, מרץ 06, 2005

Weekend head explode and Linux

Its Sunday morning and here in Israel the week is started.
It was a great weekend but yesterday noon I started to feel sick - and all my tries to ignore it didn't help - and my head feels bad - heavy under the eyes and like someone is blowing to much air in to it - and it got no room to get OUT!

Any way - I've decided to return to Linux - after several years that I was out of the Linux exp (last time was with the SUSE7.0) I decided to try again - and once again with SUSE9.2 - the last version from them.
So I'm in a long journey now of getting ready for the transfer (BTW - at start I'm going to install it side by side especially for the games I cant live without) - first it was to back up all my info, then I went to learn what is going on in the Linux zone and choose a distribution - I might not stick to SUSE but since I once used it it looks to my it might be easier to start there.

Still looking for a decent way to work with my iPod on Linux but I have some candidate.
Any way - in a couple of days I hope I'll b able to write post from Linux!

Go open software!

BTW - in the ranking project (iPod :) im in 1810 more to go...)


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