Since I dont really have a place to put my self out there this will be a home for the pictures i like, thoughts and ideas as they will come along.

יום רביעי, פברואר 02, 2005

Ranking Project

Well I'm just thinking about givin' Silver and Gold - U2 a four star - or maybe five?! I'm in the middle of a ranking project of my iPod collection... Only 3412 songs to go!!!
I even listen to each one and then decide how much then will get... So its about several days work - if I'll do it continuously.. I wont!

[my dear iPod now plays Terminal Blumenthal by Meir Ariel - only 3 since its not the original one...]

Any way - from some reason I really wanna go home - this day need to be over - I think that after the meeting I have in 10 min I'll go home - to B honest lately my energy is so low.. Like I need a really good vacation...