Since I dont really have a place to put my self out there this will be a home for the pictures i like, thoughts and ideas as they will come along.

יום שני, מרץ 12, 2007


Originally uploaded by Grace_L.
From the picture description:

I would walk a million miles to see ya
I’d drive through the pouring rain
I’d dive into your deepest ocean
To still have you in my arms - again..
I’ll be there when you’re feeling lonely
I’ll be there til the end of time
I’ll stand beside you baby if you break down
Ain’t no mountain that I won’t climb..

Hey little girl, come on lets..
Knock on love
Come into my little world,
Coz if I touch you there,
I’ll touch you here,
And all your troubles will disappear, little girl.
Come on lets.. knock on love all night long.

I would fly through any kind of weather
I would swim across the stormy seas
I’d rode down any river just to get to you

I’d do anything that you please...

(bryan adams - hey little girl)

I mean every single word.